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Friday, May 30, 2014

We have several high-impact events next week. We will lower the risk profile of YVR Swing right before the ECB Press Conference on Thursday as YVR Swing does not function well under high-volatility market conditions. As for today’s trading, we closed 5 positions with 0.655% profit. We also have two opening positions over the weekend.


SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
AUDUSDYVR SwingLONG0.930300.9307218030.312
USDJPYYVR SwingSHORT101.598101.55854020.169
AUDUSDYVR SwingLONG0.930790.9314844990.484
USDJPYYVR TrendLONG101.812101.66325185-0.533
AUDUSDYVR SwingLONG0.930510.93079170920.223

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It was a busy day. We had a total of five trades, with a profit of 0.565%. Amid the record low volatility in the FX market, YVR Swing has been extracting profit handsomely while YVR Trend continues to struggle.


SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.359551.35937197990.070
GBPUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.671631.6714245020.051
AUDUSDYVR TrendSHORT0.923620.92436118894-0.221
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.360651.3604662990.076
GBPUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.673581.6718980990.589

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

AUDUSD had the first profitable trade, netting us a profit of 0.755%.

SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
AUDUSDYVR TrendSHORT0.924660.923453810.755

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We had a fair number of trades but ended up having a loss of -1.758% today. No technical issues.

SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
EURUSDYVR TrendLONG1.363581.36419916450.166
EURUSDYVR TrendLONG1.365771.3641931342-0.575
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.366661.36567108030.585
AUDUSDYVR TrendSHORT0.925290.926451907-1.055
GBPUSDYVR SwingLONG1.685961.68745107990.516
AUDUSDYVR TrendSHORT0.923690.9265422376-1.036
USDJPYYVR TrendLONG102.067101.93236183-0.361

Monday, May 26, 2014

Two trades were closed today, with a net loss of -0.986%. As the expected P/L is catching up with the actual one, we certainly feel some pressure to get out of this flat period, although these flat or drawdown periods are quite common and should be expected based on our 10-year backtesting.

SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.362841.3623635760.261
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.362031.3639221619-1.247
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