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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


3 positions were closed with a net gain of 0.291%. There are still 3 open positions.

SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
GBPUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.694831.69441162000.195
GBPUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.694621.6945426980.006
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.341371.3412144980.090

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We had no positions closed today although we have some profitable open positions.

SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %

Monday, July 28, 2014


I had 2 percents gain today. August tends to be low in trading volume because people (including institutional traders) takes vacation. We’ll see how the market behaves.

SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
USDJPYYVR SwingLONG101.769101.81035850.200
USDJPYYVR SwingLONG101.847101.85526990.005
AUDUSDYVR SwingLONG0.940380.9408479130.390
USDJPYYVR SwingLONG102.086102.13227160.228
GBPUSDYVR TrendSHORT1.703881.698224194971.132
EURUSDYVR TrendSHORT1.344831.343993480430.252

Weekly Report – Week 30, 2014


YVR Trend has reached the expected maximum drawdown level. We reduced YVR Trend allocation by half and increased the allocation of YVR Swing. Now our portfolio is comprised of 75% YVR Swing and 25% YVR Trend.

Friday, July 25, 2014


It was a busy day, having 8 positions closed with a net profit of mere 0.116%.

SymbolSystemTypeOpen priceClose priceTime in tradeP/L in %
AUDUSDYVR SwingLONG0.941540.9422699000.455
GBPUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.698771.6988121600-0.054
GBPUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.699201.69801107990.448
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.346751.34645242970.161
EURUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.343421.3431562990.140
GBPUSDYVR SwingSHORT1.697591.6973090010.088
USDJPYYVR TrendLONG101.622101.728691280.521
USDJPYYVR TrendLONG101.815101.72936982-1.184
XAUUSDYVR TrendSHORT1305.6711310.265189504-0.459
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